Etihad Havayolları'nın Atatürk Havalimanı'na Gerçekleştireceği Seferlere İlişkin Duyuru

Abu Dabi Büyükelçiliği 29.06.2016

“Etihad Airways travel update

Etihad Airways flights between Abu Dhabi and Istanbul have been cancelled

Etihad Airways flights EY097/096 scheduled to operate between Abu Dhabi and Istanbul have been cancelled today Wednesday, 29 June 2016, due to the closure of Ataturk Airport following the explosions there on 28 June.

The airline is offering the following options for passengers who have purchased tickets before 29 June 2016 and are booked to travel to and from Istanbul today, and who may now wish to alter their flight plans:

- One free of charge move to another date of travel on/before 10 July, 2016 in the original class of booking, or if original booking class is not available, then in the next available class.

- Change fees are waived for this one instance only, with the exception of passengers who have already been re-routed via an alternative airport, who may now make an additional change back to/from Istanbul (subject to availability) at no additional charge.

- For partially used and fully unutilised tickets, re-routing to either Athens, Larnaca or Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen Airport) is permitted free of charge in the same cabin, effective until 10 July 2016.

The airline is providing all necessary assistance to passengers who may miss their connecting flights as a result of this event and advising them of itinerary changes.

Affected passengers are also advised to contact the Etihad Airways Contact Centre on +971 (0) 2599 0000 or visit the Etihad Airways website at for further updates.

The safety and security of our passengers and staff is of paramount importance and remains our utmost priority.”

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