Press Release

Abu Dabi Büyükelçiliği 21.08.2014

Abu Dhabi, 21 August 2014


Regarding the allegations
that Turkey hosts and supports terrorist groups or entitiesand allows passage ofmembers of those into Iraq and Syria through her territories.

During last period, it is being observed that some Arabic and English media outlets in the UAE have been publishing unfounded, baseless and fabricated news and articles claiming that Turkey hosts and supports terrorist groups or entities and allows passage of members of those into Iraq and Syria through her territories.

We strongly reject and condemn such slandering.

Such newsis part of an intentional and speculative disinformation campaign carried out against the Government of Turkey. Owners of these claims not only ignore the threat that theseterrorist groups pose to Turkey but also unrespectfully disregard the sacrifice made by Turkish peopleand security forces.

Turkey hosts more than 1 million Syrian refugees and helps many more in Iraq. Throughout the Syrian crisis, a total of 74 Turkish citizens lost their lives and 337 people were injured due to the mortar shells being fired into Turkey from Syria during the fighting along the border as well as terrorist attacks linked to Syria and illegal crossings at the Turkish-Syrian border.

Terrorism and increasing extremism pose a serious threat for all the countries around the world and must be fought collectively by deeds rather than words.

Turkey maintains a no-entry list compiled from information provided by source countries of individuals who may join extremists in Syria, the relatives of these individuals and international agencies. The no-entry list has grown to 6000 names. Since 2011, one thousand suspected foreign fighters have been deportedby Turkish authorities.

Extremism is a shared menace that we all need to confront collectively. In that regard, Turkey, as the co-chair of the Global Counter Terrorism Forumand a supporter of the Hedayah Center in Abu Dhabi, will continue its effortsto address this matter in a comprehensive manner.

Turkey currently has a close partnership with all partners, friends and allies and hopes to see the same spirit of cooperation and readiness from other countries, in particular the source countries from where foreign fighters are coming.

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