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“Gulf states face critical situation in tackling rising health problems

Official calls for radically different approach to tackle issue

By Mahmood Saberi, Senior Reporter Published: 00:00 November 20, 2009 Gulf News

Dubai: A surge in population, increase in life expectancy and high expectations of patients are creating enormous challenges for the health care sectors in the region, which Gulf ministries are unable to meet, a senior official warned yesterday.

"People don't trust our health care system," said Dr Tawfiq Al Khoja, director general of the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] council of health ministers. "[Almost] every family has a story of malpractice [at the hands of health care providers]," he said, urging the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to health care. The official made his remarks at a conference on The Challenges in Health care in the GCC, organised by the Dubai School of Government.

Dr Al Khoja said there was a need to address issues such as the lack of health care programmes for adolescents, financing the increasing cost of health care and the dependence on expatriates in this critical sector.

"Take any society in any GCC country and you will find it is a morbid community," he said. "Cancer cases are increasing, non-communicable diseases [NCDs] such as diabetes, obesity afflict 60 per cent of the population. In Saudi Arabia, 29 per cent suffer from high blood sugar. "In 10 years, the percentage of NCDs will reach 73 per cent [of the population]," he warned.

Worrying facts

"Every fourth person is a diabetic. Incidence of smoking is high in the region. One in three is obese. Almost everybody suffers from hypertension. And we are phsycially inactive," he said.

The official reiterated that the health care systems in the region are ill-equipped to meet the challenges and called for a radically different approach to deal with the "fire that burns underneath us".

"What are the health ministers waiting for?" he asked. "Till everyone under 40 years land in the intensive care units?"

Al Khoja said the GCC states have to move fast and conduct research, train and educate health care providers.

Earlier, Dr Salem Al Darmaki, acting director-general at the Ministry of Health, opened the conference and said its recommendations will help in the deliberations of the GCC health ministers council meeting in Abu Dhabi next year.”

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